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Health Benefits Of Karela

Health Benefits Of Karela
Hearty meal, rich in medical benefits

Health Benefits Of Karela
Taste Karela is bitter cause not many people like them.But, said the old man, bitter is good, bitter is medication and indeed Karela have many healths benefits, even can be tasty dish if right way Cooking it.

Not only that, Karela or scientific name, Momordica Charantia also gives benefits to individual beauty.

That is great Karela that also known as bitter gourd, although tastes bitter and many who doesn't like this vegetable, it appears it has many advantages.Therefore, put aside about bitter and try to enjoy the 'sweetness' owned Karela. Among the various nutrients found in Karela is containing protein, fat, minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium.

Health Benefits of Karela have been known since ancient times. At that time, Karela is used to treat several diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hemorrhoids. Similarly for women after childbirth, recommended to practice eat Karela during confinement, especially when they have lost a lot of blood in childbirth.

Water boiled Karela can also be used to cool the internal parts of the body, such as
heat-inflammatory while whom suffer hemorrhoids, suggested boiled Karela leaves and mix it into a glass of milk or beverages every morning.

Diabetics, it is recommended to take Karela as the daily menu for health care because it contains insulin which functions to controlling blood glucose levels.

Health Benefits of Karela is not only known in this country but around the world. For example, Chinese medical experts alleged, using Karela to treat asthma and late period. In the Philippines, the crushed/pulverized leaves of Karela is placed in the new-born baby's mouth to stimulate the body's immune system. In addition, it also used as paste medicine to treat insect bites.

Interestingly, overseas studies on the Karela found that problem of alcohol addiction can be solved by drinking Karela leaves. In Australia and the United States, Karela has become essential ingredients to treat leukemia, HIV and AIDS.

Beside the use in medicine and cure disease, Karela can also be used as an appetite hearty meal.For those who want to care and maintain healthy, bitter herbs may be used in cooking. With nutritional content that includes fiber, fat, carbohydrates and protein, you can create a healthy menu.

Between dishes that evoke taste with Karela is cooked mackerel fat chillies or you can also replace it with a variety of fish such as short mackerel and tilefish. With a taste of fat and spicy sauce, bitter taste in Karela can be forgotten for a moment. However, if to reduce the bitter taste Karela, the practice of traditional tips that can be applied is soaking this vegetable in water whiting before cooking.

Other tips can be adopted to overcome bitter taste Karela is first dicing ​​Karela according to cooking needs. Let stand for 5 minutes, then wash the karela with clean water several times before cooking. As a result, the vegetable of Karela cooked would not tastes bitter when eaten.

Another advantage of Karela is to give benefits in beauty care, especially for skin. Karela is said, can helps prevent the spread pimples on the skin as it contains blood purifying properties. With the advantages and benefits available on Karela, loss once if not take advantage or benefit it fully in your daily life.

Additional INFO about Health Benefits of Karela

Skin Care
Karela can prevent massive pimples on the skin as it contains blood purifying properties. Skin will look more radiant.

Immune Stimulant
Drink a glass of Karela juice every morning can help boost the immune system in the body. The immune system is like "security guards" which prevent disease attack.

Eye Care
Karela also like carrots, contain high carotene. Carotene may reduce the problems of the eyes.

Lose Weight
Karela can stimulate liver for secretion of bile juices that are very important to increase the body's metabolism.

Good for Stomach
Karela is a good digestive agent and can prevent constipation because it contains cellulose which is also the best source of fiber.

  • Karela is a type of climbing plants.
  • Believed originate from southern China.
  • Karela is also known as "ku gua" has long been used as a herb in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • The use of Karela is increasingly widespread.In Southeast Asia, Australia and the United States, Karela has become important ingredient to treat leukemia, HIV and AIDS.
  • Although so far no scientific study was carried out to test the effectiveness of Karela in handling the disease, there are several cases that showed the plant could help to stop and sometimes reverse the spread of the disease.
  • Karela been found to increase the CD4 cell count (immune cells) in the human body. A blood test to test the number of immune cell count is the most basic things to keep up and the severity of the HIV and AIDS.
  • Karela is also found useful for treating arthritis and 'opportunistia infections, such as genital harpes, tuberkolisis and several types of skin disease that attacks the immune system is weak.


  1. Good information ... and I have used it when I had lot of pimples on my face... ..I drank it for two weeks only and since then .. my skin is brighter and softer as well ... thanks to karela

  2. yes this is really useful as it has helped to fight my constipation problem and made my skin look brighter and radiant.

  3. one more thing is i have taken karela juice when i was pregnent and i have got the result.

  4. Karela juice consists of a hypoglycemic compound which is plant insulin. This compound is extremely useful in lowering blood sugar levels.

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